I recently went to S’MAC (Sarita Mac and Cheese). I believe they have two locations in the city; I went to the one on 33rd street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. It was a small, but had a nice comfy vibe. They had different sizes, Nosh (small), Major munch (Medium), Mongo (large), and Partay (family size). Also they offer gluten free macaroni, as well as vegan or lactose intolerant options.

I went with a friend, and he got the Buffalo Chicken Major munch, while I got the Cheeseburger Nosh and the La Mancha Nosh.


The Buffalo Chicken – Delicious! It tastes just like buffalo chicken wings infused in mac and cheese.


The Cheeseburger: This was also delicious. It tastes like mac and cheese with beef. I didn’t really get a feel of a cheeseburger but it was still delicious.


La Mancha: My least favorite of the three, only because the spices were a bit too strong for my taste buds. Although I love onions, it was  too much for a mac and cheese combination.

Overall, I’ll give my experience a 3.5 out of 5. It was a nice vibe, the workers were sweet and welcoming; and the food was really good. I’ll recommend it.

Let me know about your experiences there!


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