se·ren·i·ty (/səˈrenədē/): the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

It is hard to find peace within one’s heart and entire being in such a chaotic place like New York City. In the midst of everything that I am surrounded by daily, I find myself just existing through life at times instead of living. I got my first tattoo this year, it’s the Seven Chakras and I decided on it mostly because I needed to rid negative energies and invite in light and serenity into my soul.


Read more about the 7 Chakras here

Each chakra to me represents a chance at a “rebirth,” with the opportunity to live each day  with a new found strength and positivity. I have ill moments of doubt, uncertainty, anger and sadness, but that’s just what they are moments. Mere moments that I out-think and move on, because with each passing day I am becoming more in-tune with my feelings and more present in my decisions. So, I chose to be kind, to be thankful and to be positive.

PS: I tend to write little positive notes on post-it and put it around my office space. Feel free to email me and comment on little things you do to stay positive!


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