Living Outside the Box

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Hey Guys!

I know it’s been awhile – I am trying to get the hang of thing. I will be posting in food-for-thought soon about my struggle with balancing school, work, blog and my personal life.

Anyways, on to this post: My cousin asked me to meet him at the park, by the basketball court. He asked me to dress “casually” and wear sneakers. Casual is not really a word I would use in describing my sense of style. So along with my Nike run, I wore a fun jumpsuit for “casual” comfort. It was a cute sunny day and the colors altogether worked well.

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[Jumpsuit: Bebenoir Boutique; Shoes: Nike; Backpack: Je Suis NYC; Jacket: Levis]


Til next time dolls! Xo

Photography: APM Pictures

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