Heart of a queen

Have you guys ever had  a problem saying “No?” I remember in High School, I used to find it hard to say no to friends, and even now I still find it hard to say “no” in certain situations. I have a tendency to beat around the bush or say “I’ll think about it,” when I know I clearly don’t want to do something or go somewhere. Yet, just to say the word “No” is really hard – especially to my friends. I am always afraid of disappointing them or hurting their feelings. This year, one of my goal is to be completely honest with myself. If I am not in the mood to do something or go somewhere, I will just say so and stop dragging the situation. && I will be working on my goals in style of course!

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: New York & Company – Shop look here

Headwrap: Fanm Djanm – Shop look here

Sunglasses: Bebenoir – Shop look here

Shoes: Guess – Shop look here

What are some of your goals this year? Comment below and let me know ☺️