Body appreciation

Hey dolls!

We live in a a society where body shaming has become such a norm. While I support the new movement of working out and staying in shape, I also feel like people tend to look down on people who do not fit that “perfect” body shape type. I love my body and I do work out (not-consistantly because they gym stresses me out lol), but I am working on different ways to live a healthier lifestyle. However, women need to start appreciating each other’s bodies. Overweight may be unhealthy, but it does not mean you are any less beautiful. So here I am showing off what my mama gave me lol


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Photographer: Villainoire

Top: Forever 21

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Converse

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Photographer: Villainoire

Top and Skirt: Je Suis

Shoes: Converse

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